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For Chinese Consumers

Harnessing profound comprehension of the Chinese system, we empower brands to unlock their full potential. With a proven track record of assisting over sixty brands, Export Now possesses the knowledge and experience to guide your success in China.

Best In-Class for Global Standards

We understand the complexities of international business, empowering companies with peace of mind and effective solutions to navigate rights transfer and profit remittance challenges.

Established by Seasoned Experts devoted to Asian market success

Our leadership team's extensive experience and collaborations with renowned global brands enable us to comprehend Chinese consumers and leverage digital trends with unrivaled sophistication.

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Our commitment lies in the art of brand building, surpassing the realm of sales.

Digital Strategy

With our unparalleled digital expertise, brands gain the exquisite ability to perceive intricate markets through a pristine lens. We offer comprehensive market entry strategy development to successfully enter new markets and maximize growth opportunities. Additionally, our services include formulating effective channel strategies to optimize distribution channels and ensure efficient product/service delivery to target customers. We also specialize in creating well-defined brand strategies to establish a strong brand identity, differentiate from competitors, and effectively communicate the brand's value proposition to the target audience.


Our comprehensive insights offer a transparent view of your brand's performance, enabling informed decisions and driving strategic growth. Specializing in the Chinese market, we provide expert services in market research, cultural consulting, localization, and regulatory guidance. With our expertise, you can effectively navigate China's complex landscape, tailor brand strategies, and capitalize on growth opportunities confidently.

Social Commerce

Leverage our comprehensive end-to-end e-commerce solutions for driving sales growth in rapidly expanding global markets. We offer store establishment and optimization, customer service excellence, graphic design and visual merchandising, promotions and pricing strategy, platform management and optimization, efficient store operations, performance marketing (paid search, display, and affiliate), and streamlined supply chain management.

Data & Analytics

Our robust analytics and comprehensive insights provide unparalleled transparency into your brand's performance. We specialize in conducting category research, gathering competitive intelligence, analyzing consumer behavior data, performing social media audits, and conducting sentiment analysis. With our data-driven approach, we empower brands to make informed decisions, refine strategies, and drive impactful brand building initiatives.

In-House Research Teams

Our marketing solutions are tailored to enhance brand building efforts by ensuring message consistency through localization and adaptation to the target audience's tone. With our expertise, brands can extend their reach, cultivate enduring loyalty, and strategize effective brand activation initiatives. We specialize in developing and executing impactful social media marketing campaigns that amplify brand presence, managing influencer marketing strategies to enhance brand credibility, and implementing traditional marketing approaches that reinforce brand identity. Additionally, we offer comprehensive agency searches, management, and audits to optimize brand building efforts and maximize marketing effectiveness.

Channel Development

We specialize in facilitating the expansion of your B2C and B2B sales channels while preserving your brand's integrity and aligning with your global positioning. Our services include conducting channel identification, negotiations, and strategic acquisitions to optimize market presence. Additionally, we excel in developing offline retail strategies to establish a robust brick-and-mortar presence and expand customer reach. With our expertise, we implement effective channel management practices to ensure seamless coordination and maximize sales performance.

Comprehensive Branding, Marketing & Organizational Services.

Exceptional Quality

Supply Forecast & Brand Positioning

Global Logistics & WMS Operations

Warehouse Management

E-commerce & Retail Operations

Offline Operations & Pop-Up Experience  

In-House Media 

Pre & Post Sales Customer Service

 Marketing Agency 

Social & Live Commerce

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100M RMB Club

5 Star TP - Gold Certification

Best in Class Excellence

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